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  Our goats are composed of some of the most proven genetics, as we incessantly strive to move forward in producing, showing, and offering outstanding competitive animals who are also hardy in normal intended enviroments.

  We genuinely enjoy having these goats in our lives and it is our priority to keep them healthy, comfortable and happy.   We stay focused on the health of all of our animals through consistant fecal egg counts and a persistant vaccinating program. They reside on most of the 80 acres that make up our farm.  This is shared with about a dozen Angus cows, one bull and 3 Great Pyranese dogs who protect them from any predators.  We also keep 5-6  dairy goats that produce the milk for our own consumption and aid in any instance that may occur during kidding seasons.

  We interact with our goats daily , which we believe is essential in maintaining the overall well being of each and every one of them. They are accustomed to handling and many visitors have told us we have the friendliest group of goats they have ever seen.  Our total herd count  stays around 50-80+ registered fullblood Boer goats.
  Our does kid in the mild weather months of the Spring and the Fall.  We sell most of our goats off the farm, offering does of all ages, and a few bucks
at reasonable prices. 

  We Thank You for stopping by our website! 
Look around, and please remember,visitors are always welcome here at the farm.

Give us a call, we'd be happy to show you around!

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