This Page Is A Tribute to Our Beloved "Stiff Upper Lip"

   "Lip" was born on our farm, November 14, 2005, 3 months after purchasing the doe, MACG R206, bred to Downen R33 "HOSS" ENNOBLED from MAC GOATS in Winona, Missouri. We knew he was special from day one, and he exhibited that throughout his life.  He grew up at an amazing rate and we showed him some as he quickly acquired the points he needed for ennoblement.  His get are impressive and it wasn't long before they, too had enough points to contribute to the honor.


  "Lip" was a dream to be around.  A personality of gold.  He had a unique lovable walk that we are happy to see in a lot of his offspring.  We feel fortunate that we kept several of his daughters for our future doe herd.


  We would like to extend a special THANK YOU to our friends who believed in "Lip's" abilities and bred some of their good does to him or cheered for his accomplishments at the shows.  Those were the happiest times of our lives.


  "Lip's" latest eligible offspring were inspected at the ABGA Nationals in Tulsa, Oklahoma June 14, 2008, giving him more than enough points for his ENNOBLEMENT title.  He left us July 23rd, 2008 for the greener pastures in heaven.  We are tending a huge void in our hearts that will only take time to recede, but we know we will always miss him and never forget the joy he brought us.  We love you, Lip.


Please "scroll" down memory lane for a photo expression of Lip's life.

First Step Into The New World

November 14, 2005

"Stiff Upper Lip" and twin brother, "Shoot From The Hip"
sharing their first night in the new world together

Love At First Glance
Debby's Grandson, Cameron picked "Lip" as the "Best Goat Ever"
while he was literally still wet behind the ears

We loved watching you grow up........

..............And you never ceased to amaze us!

What a patient and understanding "kid-sitter" you were
with those rowdy young bucklings!


And Off To The Showring

You truly gave us the "Happiest Times Of Our Lives"

One of Lip's greatest admirers, OBGA Secretary Dottie Wallace,
sharing the excitement of one of Lip's big wins
Thank you Dottie, for your loyalty

At 10 months old,
Lip patiently waits for his inpection papers to be signed

A few of Lip's Special Moments

You crossed that "Rainbow Bridge" much too soon, Lip
We will always love you, never forget you
Thank You For Sharing Your Life With Us

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